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Read Answers on the Selection Process, Acceptance and Wait Lists

Who is eligible to apply for Optional Schools?

Any student whose parent or guardian is a Davidson County resident at the time of application may apply for an optional school.

May I apply for more than one Optional School?

Yes! You may apply for up to seven schools. Parents must prioritize schools in order of preference.

What are the Magnet Schools, Design Centers, and Specialty Schools?

These schools offer a special, rigorous, and enriched curriculum capable of attracting students from across the county. Please contact each school for specific theme and unique instructional methods used.

What are Enhanced Option schools?

The main features of enhanced option schools are class sizes of 15:1, as well as a school day that lasts 45 minutes longer (this equates to 20 additional school days each year).

What are the academic requirements for Meigs Middle School (5-8), Martin Luther King (7-12), and Hume-Fogg (9-12) High School?

These students must have:
  • Academic average of 85 or above for both the spring semester of last year and the first grading period of the current year with no failing grades for any grading period
  • TCAP test scores for reading and math must be PROFICIENT or ADVANCED in both.
  • If your test scores are not TCAP scores from spring 2012, students must have stanine scores in reading and math which total 14 or more when added together from a nationally norm-referenced test. We recommend turning in tests other than TCAP at least one week before the deadline so that we can verify that the scores are acceptable or if other documents will be needed.
  • Home school students must also submit 6 work samples for each of the four core subject areas (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies), and must complete a timed writing prompt. Please contact the Customer Service Center at 259-4636 for more details.

What is needed to apply if I am a rising junior or senior high school student?

All Students applying for grades 11th & 12th must also attach a copy of their high school transcript and latest report card.

What are the requirements for Hull-Jackson Montessori, Stanford Montessori, and Glendale Spanish Immersion?

Hull-Jackson and Stanford Montessori applicants:
  • Must be at least 3 years old by August 31, 2013.
  • Sliding Scale fee is required for admission to and continued enrollment in the 3- and 4-year-old program.

Glendale applicants:
  • Any student entering kindergarten or 1st grade can apply for Glendale.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade applicants will be required to pass a language proficiency test before being accepted to the school. Information about dates and times for this testing will be included in the waiting list letter for all 2nd and 3rd grade applicants.
  • No applications will be accepted for 4th grade.

Does my child need a Student ID Number to apply?

Every child enrolled in MNPS is required to have a nine-digit student ID number beginning with 190. This number is printed on middle and high school report cards, and can also be found in the Parent Connection web site under “Manage Students”.

You can also contact your child’s school to request this number. If your child is not enrolled in MNPS, please take your child’s birth certificate to the MNPS Customer Service Center (2601 Bransford Avenue, Berry Rd. entrance) or any MNPS school. Using the information on your birth certificate, they can give you a 190 number to use for this application.

Please do not wait until the last week of the application window to do this, as volume will be higher at this time.

How does the selection process work?

A random drawing will be held to fill available seats on Saturday, January 12, at 9:00 a.m. in the Martin Center.

Geographic Priority Zone (GPZ) and cluster preference is only given for applications received prior to the Nov. 30 application deadline.

The student’s address on the front of this application will be the address used for acceptance letters and/or waiting list positions.

Applicants will be assigned a unique number for the drawing which they will receive by mail the week before the selection process.

Siblings who apply for an entry level grade will not receive a selection number. Twins or multi birth siblings will share the same selection number.

If your child is selected for admission, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail which must be signed and returned to the Office of School Options by the deadline stated in the letter before your child can be enrolled.

Selection Day results will also be posted online at
www.mnps.org. Telephone inquiries cannot be accommodated due to the large number of students involved.

If your child is not selected, he/she will be placed on a waiting list for the 2013-14 school year.

Applicants in the 11th and 12th grade go through a transcript review process and are admitted in the order of their application date for any available seats. These students do not receive selection cards.

How long can a student remain on a wait list?

Students in grades K-12 are placed through the 5th day of school. After the 5th day, the waiting lists are eliminated.

Hull-Jackson and Stanford Preschool and Pre-K wait lists continue through first semester.

What are my chances of getting into a school from the waitlist?

It is impossible to make predictions about how far down the waitlist we will go for each grade level at each school, because this varies significantly from year to year. Also, the changes in process that are being implemented this year make it even less likely that accurate predictions could be made by using results from previous years. However, here are some points for families to keep in mind:
  • We plan for a percentage of students to reject the offered position, so the fact that a family turns down a position at a school does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
  • We plan for some students who accept the position to later change their minds, so the fact that a family changes their minds about a position does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
  • We plan for a larger initial class and smaller upper grade classes at a number of schools, so the fact that a child leaves a particular school does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
All waiting lists are kept through the fifth day of school. If we are unable to offer a position by the end of the fifth day of school, remaining waiting lists for kindergarten through 12th grade are dissolved. Pre-school and pre-kindergarten waiting lists for Hull-Jackson and Stanford are maintained and used until the end of the first semester.

Remember, one of the changes this year allows a family to accept a position at one school while remaining on the waiting lists for any schools identified by that family as a higher priority on the application. Your family doesn’t have to gamble on your chances of getting in from a waiting list; you can take the school offered and continue to see what happens on the waiting list.

What is the selection process for Specialty Schools?

Nashville School of the Arts (NSA) requires students to audition. NSA will notify all applicants about times for auditions. If you have questions please go through nsahs.mnps.org or call 291-6600x 302.

Each specialty school conducts its own selection process and requires completion of an additional information packet. Please contact the school you are interested in for more information. Each school will notify applicants about times for interviews.
  • Big Picture - 353-2081
  • Middle College - 353-3742
  • Nashville School of Arts - 291-6600

How do I apply?

Go ONLINE at home, at your nearest Nashville Public Library, or at the MNPS Customer Service Kiosk Center to https://schooloptions.mnps.org.

To be included in Selection Day, you must apply online or submit your application to the Customer Service Center (Berry Rd. entrance) by 5:30 p.m., Friday, November 30, 2012.

After you apply online, you will have the option of printing a confirmation or having one emailed to you. If you are submitting a paper application, either by hand or mail, obtain a “Return Receipt Requested” form from the U.S. Postal Service. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that the Office of School Options receives the application. If mailed without a return receipt, the district cannot verify receipt of the application. To be in the random selection process, your application must be received by 5:30 p.m. on November 30, 2012.

Applications received after November 30 will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list based on the date the application was received.

Selection Day will be held Saturday, January 12, 2013. Your child’s results will be mailed on January 23, 2013.

If selected, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail, which must be signed and returned by February 8, 2013, in order for your child to be enrolled.

Students not accepted will be added to all applicable wait lists.Once a student has accepted a seat in an optional school, his/her name will be removed from any currently attended out-of-zone school for the next year.

Please make your decision thoughtfully. Students must attend school on the first day or they will be considered a “no-show” and their positions will be filled.

What happens if my application is incomplete?

If something is missing on your application, we will send it back. We will not be responsible if your application does not get back to you in time to resubmit. If your application is received after the Nov. 30 deadline, your child will not be included in the random selection process.

Can I fax my application?

Faxed applications will not be accepted. Also, do not give the application to your current school; it will not be accepted.

How do I apply for sibling preference?

Sibling preference is given to students who have another sibling attending that school as long as the sibling will still be at the school in the 2013-14 school year and the currently enrolled sibling is not attending Pre-Kindergarten. The following schools do not have sibling preference for students who already have a sibling enrolled in the school: East Nashville Magnet School, Head Magnet, Haynes Middle, Hume-Fogg Magnet, I.T. Creswell Arts Magnet, Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet, Meigs Magnet, Middle College High School, Nashville School of the Arts and Rose Park Magnet Middle School. All other schools do have sibling preference.

Is there transportation for optional schools?

Parents are responsible for transportation to these schools. You can call MTA at 862-5950 for routing information. MNPS will issue an MTA Bus Pass to optional or out of zone students who qualify for free or reduced lunch at the following schools: Carter-Lawrence, Robert Churchwell, Hattie Cotton, Glendale, Hull-Jackson, Jones, Lockeland Design Center, Stanford Montessori, Bailey, Creswell, John Early, Haynes, Head, Meigs, Rose Park, East, M.L. King, Hume-Fogg, Pearl-Cohn, Stratford, Academy at Old Cockrill, Academy at Opry Mills, Academy at Hickory Hollow, Big Picture, Middle College, and Nashville School of the Arts. The only exception to this is Glendale Elementary Spanish Immersion School, which provides school bus transportation to students in the GPZ.

Do I need to re-apply every year to stay in an Optional School?

No, you do not have to re-apply but the optional school will send home a continuation form that must be returned by Feb. 1, 2013.

Optional School Continuation - Pathway Selections

If this is your child’s last year to attend a school listed below and you want him/her to continue in the feeder pattern, you must submit a pathway continuation form which will be sent home from your child’s school. You must apply online or complete this form and return it to the Office of School Options by November 30, 2012.
  • Carter- Lawrence students who want to go to Rose Park
  • Churchwell students who want to go to John Early
  • Hattie Cotton students who want to go to Bailey
  • Glendale students who want to go to J.T. Moore
  • Jones students who want to go to Haynes
  • Lockeland studnets who want to go to East Literature
  • Sylvan Park students who want to go to Haynes
  • Bailey students who want to go to Stratford
  • John Early students who qualify to go to Hume-Fogg
  • Haynes students who want to go to East Literature
  • Head students who qualify to go to M.L. King
  • Meigs students who qualify to go to Hume-Fogg
  • Rose Park students who qualify to go to M.L. King

There will be an additional pull in the summer after TCAP scores are in. This pull will be limited to the pathway to Martin L. King and Hume-Fogg for Head, Rose Park, John Early and Meigs students who did not qualify in the fall. These dates will be posted on the website (www.mnps.org) as soon as they are known. If you are expecting a pathway form or acceptance letter in the summer and will be on vacation, please email Jenai.Hayes@mnps.org for more information.

Additional Questions? 

Call 259-INFO (4636).

We get hundreds of calls each day. If our lines are busy, please keep trying. The Student Assignment Options admission policy can be found on the MNPS website. Please visit the MNPS Policies website at www.policy.mnps.org.
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