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FAQ: Selection Process, Acceptance and Wait Lists
How does the selection process work?

A random drawing is held to fill available seats.

Geographic Priority Zone (GPZ) and cluster preference is only given for applications received prior to the Nov. 30 application deadline.

The student’s address on the front of this application is the address used for acceptance letters and/or waiting list positions.

Applicants are assigned a unique number for the drawing which they receive by mail the week before the selection process.

Siblings who apply for an entry level grade do not receive a selection number. Twins or multi birth siblings share the same selection number.

If your child is selected for admission, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail which must be signed and returned to the Office of School Options by the deadline stated in the letter before your child can be enrolled.

Selection Day results are also posted online
. Telephone inquiries cannot be accommodated due to the large number of students involved.

If your child is not selected, he/she will be placed on a waiting list for the next school year.

Applicants in the 11th and 12th grade go through a transcript review process and are admitted in the order of their application date for any available seats. These students do not receive selection cards.

How long can a student remain on a wait list?

Students in grades K-12 are placed through the 5th day of school. After the 5th day, the waiting lists are eliminated.

Hull-Jackson and Stanford Preschool and Pre-K wait lists continue through first semester.

What are my chances of getting into a school from the waitlist?

It is impossible to make predictions about how far down the waitlist we will go for each grade level at each school, because this varies significantly from year to year. Also, the changes in process that are being implemented this year make it even less likely that accurate predictions could be made by using results from previous years. However, here are some points for families to keep in mind:
  • We plan for a percentage of students to reject the offered position, so the fact that a family turns down a position at a school does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
  • We plan for some students who accept the position to later change their minds, so the fact that a family changes their minds about a position does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
  • We plan for a larger initial class and smaller upper grade classes at a number of schools, so the fact that a child leaves a particular school does not necessarily mean that a position becomes available for the next person on the waiting list.
All waiting lists are kept through the fifth day of school. If we are unable to offer a position by the end of the fifth day of school, remaining waiting lists for kindergarten through 12th grade are dissolved. Pre-school and pre-kindergarten waiting lists for Hull-Jackson and Stanford are maintained and used until the end of the first semester.

Remember, one of the changes this year allows a family to accept a position at one school while remaining on the waiting lists for any schools identified by that family as a higher priority on the application. Your family doesn’t have to gamble on your chances of getting in from a waiting list; you can take the school offered and continue to see what happens on the waiting list.

What is the selection process for Specialty Schools?

Nashville School of the Arts (NSA) requires students to audition. NSA will notify all applicants about times for auditions. If you have questions please go through the NSA website or call 291-6600x 302.

Each specialty school conducts its own selection process and requires completion of an additional information packet. Please contact the school you are interested in for more information. Each school will notify applicants about times for interviews.
  • Big Picture - 353-2081
  • Middle College - 353-3742
  • Nashville School of Arts - 291-6600

When will I receive my official offer letter? What about my wait list information?

You will receive separate letters with offers and wait list information. They will be mailed Wed., Jan. 23, 2013. Please update your information with the Office of School Options office if you have moved since you applied. (Let your child’s school know, too!)

My child has been offered a slot in our first choice school. How do we accept?

You may accept online immediately through our website. If you do not accept online, you will receive a letter, to be mailed Wed., Jan. 23, that notifies you of the offer. You must accept online or return the acceptance letter to the Office of School Options by 5:30 PM FRIDAY, FEB. 8, 2013. If you do not accept an offer by the deadline, the slot will be offered to another student.

My child has been put on a wait list. Now what?

Your child may remain on the wait lists and you can monitor movement through our website. We will make the first round of offers to students on wait lists in February and the last within the first week of school. Please notify the Office of School Options if your address or other contact information changes.

May I still apply to optional schools?

Yes. If there is a wait list, you will be placed at the end. You may apply with a paper application at any time. The  onlineapplication will be available beginning February 1, 2013.

I have already applied—may I add a school?

Yes. If there is a wait list, you will be placed at the end. Regardless of whether you applied on paper or online, you must make changes online. You may do so beginning February 1, 2013.

My child is on wait lists for two schools. May I change my order of preference?

If you applied online, you can do that online using your child’s student ID number. If you are offered a seat at a school, your application will be withdrawn from any school you ranked as a lower choice.

Regardless of whether you applied on paper or online, you must make changes online. You may do so beginning February 1, 2013.

What is the deadline to accept the offer?

The deadline for the Office of School Options to receive your acceptance is Friday, Feb. 8 at 5:30 PM. All families may accept online.

Can I accept my school choice online?

Yes. You can do so from the Selection Day Results page.

I applied to four schools for my son. He was offered a spot in one and wait-listed for two. What happened to the other school?

Students are not put on wait lists for any schools ranked lower than the school where they are offered spots. We do put students on wait lists for schools they rank higher than the school where they are offered a slot. If a student applies to several schools and is not admitted to any, he or she is waitlisted at all schools.

What if I can’t attend the Selection Saturday event?

Attending the Selection Saturday event does not affect a student’s selection or place on a school wait list. You can check the Selection Saturday results online Saturday, January 12, 2013.

I still have questions. Who can answer them?

Call Metro Schools Customer Service, 259-INFO (4636) or email customerservice@mnps.org
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