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Spanish Immersion Program


Guatemala bus  

Glendale Elementary opened in the fall of 2004 as Nashville's first and only Spanish immersion school.  Glendale offers Spanish immersion classes for grades K-4.  Many of the Spanish immersion teachers were trained by faculty and administrators who have over 20 years of experience implementing immersion programs in the Arlington, Virginia school system. 

In our global society, there is a growing appreciation of a multilingual education.  Research has demonstrated that early language acquisition promotes higher level cognitive development.  In addition, bilingual learners have greater access to different cultures, travel opportunities, and appreciation of individual differences.  Learning another language gives students an appreciation for customs and achievements of other cultures and creates advantages in the job market.  Research also shows that students who participate in five years of an immersion program score as well, or better, than all comparison groups on achievement tests.

In each grade level, Spanish is taught through the math and science curricula and daily conversation. We also develop reading, writing, and speaking in Spanish.  Research shows that students participating in immersion programs have more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language, and better listening skills.  Grade-level teams, the librarian, and related arts teachers collaborate to provide a rich learning environment which challenges students to reach their full potential, and highlights the Spanish culture throughout the entire school.  By celebrating diversity through art, music, drama, dance, and storytelling, teachers work together to challenge, excite, and support all students as they embark on a lifelong learning adventure.