Dress Code
McGavock's Dress Code Policy 2013-2014

1) All pants, shorts, capri pants, skirts or jeans can be any design or color.


 2) Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses “MUST” be knee length

3) Pants and shorts must fit at the waist and must not sag

4) All clothing must be hemmed.

5) No sweat pants or athletic shorts

6) All blouses and shirts should be  properly buttoned and must cover appropriate body parts  / No spaghetti straps or bare shoulder tops (no  cleavage). NO Tank Tops.

7) T-Shirts or collared shirts can be worn and can be any color or have any design that does not have inappropriate language, advertising, or suggestive commentary

8)All clothing must be in appropriate size - No extra large baggy clothes are to be worn to school

9) “NO HATS” of any kind enter the building

10) Absolutely “NO LEGGINGS or JEGGINGS or TIGHTS” are to be worn without knee length cover(dress, skirt, shorts)


Dress Code Violation:

1. First Offense- One day OSS, Parent pick-up

2. Hats will be held in the Academy Office until picked up by a parent/guardian.  Hats will not be released to students.