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8th Grade Reading List

8th Grade Language Arts
Summer Reading Assignment
Required Novel

The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton

In The Outsiders, there is a character who goes through a rough time. Due to that rough time, this character is forced to reflect on his family, friends, and teenage rebelliousness. After reading the novel, you will have chance to reflect on your own family, friends, and various stories from your teenage years. Read the novel, which follows an inner city gang through gang rivalries, street brawls, and two runaway boys. Then write a four- to five-hundred-word reflection paper. While reading the novel, make note of the casual way in which the author treats the reader or audience. Feel free to write your reflection paper as though you were telling a story about your life; however, follow the expectations below.

Expectations for Personal Reflection Paper

  • Typed, 400-500 words, and double spaced
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph as though someone was listening to a story
  • Introduce your family in the second paragraph
  • Describe the neighborhood and surroundings in which you live in the third paragraph
  • Introduce your friends in the third paragraph
  • The rest of the paper (one to two paragraphs) should be devoted to explaining something that you’ve overcome with either the help of your friends or your family.
  • Be sure to check for spelling errors, punctuation, and other grammatical issues, as this will be the first taste I get of your writing!

"You Pick" Novel

The Pearl

, John Steinbeck

Scorpions, Walter Dean Myers

Choose one of the novels and write a five-paragraph essay that gives a detailed character report on one of the characters from the novel you choose. Follow the expectations below.

Expectations for the Character Report Essay

  • Introduce the novel that you read and your character in paragraph one
  • In your first body paragraph, spend time describing the character you have chosen in detail.
  • In the next two body paragraphs explain two different situations in which the character is involved.
  • In your concluding paragraph explain why the character is important in the novel.
  • This essay should be written in a more formal manner.
  • Again, check for grammatical errors!