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Gradespeed Information

Croft is pleased to offer parents and students a way to stay in touch with assignments and grades through Gradespeed, an online gradebook. Gradespeed offers a way for parents, students, and teachers to communicate and stay on top of classwork and homework. We are very excited to have this opportunity within our school community and look forward to an improved partnership with our parents, teachers, and students.

Gradespeed will allow a parent to sign up to be able to track his/her child's grades and attendance at any time.  It is private, with access and viewing privileges limited to only the child's parent(s).  We encourage all parents to login and check on their child's progress frequently, and to stay in contact with the child's teachers.  You may sign up for more than one child by clicking on the appropriate link.

The Gradespeed website is found at:


Gradespeed Parent Registration


1) Log on to Gradespeed by going to gradespeed.mnps.org (do NOT place www. in front of gradespeed).


2) Click on “parent”.


3) In bottom left hand corner of the blue box, click on “click to sign up”.


4) Type registration information into the boxes with red asterisks next to them.


5) Midway down the gray box, click on “add e-mail”.


6) Type in your e-mail address and click on “ok”. *NOTE* Please double check the e-mail address before
clicking on OK – it’s extremely difficult to correct.


7) Click on small white box at the bottom center of the gray box. It will say “I agree to the above terms of


8) Click “sign up”.


9) Gradespeed will e-mail you a code to complete your registration. You will either have to open a new
window and check your e-mail account OR log out of Gradespeed, get in to your e-mail account to
obtain your code then go back to Gradespeed.


10) Insert your code (the box will automatically come back up if you have logged out of Gradespeed).


11) On the left hand side of the screen, click on “manage students” (It’s in a blue font).


12) Click on “add students”.


13) Type in student’s ID# (you will need to obtain this from the email address shown above)


14) Type information in other boxes with red asterisks beside them. *Note* The campus is Croft



15) Click submit.


* For more assistance in registration, please check out the following internet links:

https://employee.mnps.org/AssetFactory.aspx?did=13493 - Parent Connection training manual - English

https://employee.mnps.org/AssetFactory.aspx?did=13537 – Parent Connection training manual - Spanish


If you have any problems registering your student, please e-mail  Tamela.Mccann@mnps.org for assistance.