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Parent Involvement Letter




Our purpose is to do whatever it takes for all students to acquire the knowledge and skills to become productive responsible citizens. Overton’s staff and faculty realize how important it is to work closely with our parents to provide our students with the highest quality education experience. We believe that when families, schools and community groups work together to support learning, students stay in school longer, attend school more regularly and perform better in school.

The Parent Involvement Policy is jointly developed by parents and school staff in response to input from parent surveys and discussion groups at the school, cluster, and district levels.

þWe will provide parents with a copy of the Teacher/Parent/Student Compact, which outlines the commitments of teachers, parents, and students to foster academic success. Our compact is on file at the school and will be distributed at Parent-Teacher Conference Days, PTO meetings, Open Houses, etc. and on the website.

þWe will encourage parents to volunteer and participate during the school year. We will work to increase parent membership in our PTO and our booster organizations.

þWe will address topics such as parenting, motivating children to learn, how to improve communication with your child, how to protect your child when using the internet or cell phone, Gateway preparation, discipline, and homework at workshops for parents. These workshops will be held at various times during the school year and will be open to all parents who wish to attend.

þWe will strive to communicate clearly and effectively with parents by a variety of communication strategies such as our Auto-call system for absences and other important announcements, 4 ½-week progress reports, nine-week report cards, marquee announcements, mass mailings, written notes, phone calls, e-mails, etc.

þWe will encourage parents to provide input in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the goals and strategies of the School Improvement Plan and the District’s Strategic Plan. Specific parent involvement strategies will be developed to support each School Improvement Plan target.

þWe will encourage parents to engage in meaningful two-way communication with school and district staff regarding all phases of school and or district improvement through a three-tier communication network (School Parent Advisory Council, Cluster Parent Advisory Council, and District Parent Advisory Council).

þWe will conduct an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of our school’s parent involvement policy, including barriers to greater parent participation will be conducted with the involvement of parents.

þWe notify parents of their rights and responsibilities under the No Child Left Behind Act, including staff qualifications school choice, Supplemental Services, and opportunities to provide input for improvement.

þWe welcome parents into our classrooms upon request with a Visitor Pass provided by the main office.