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Cafeteria Policies
Cafeteria Rules
The general assistant of the school will supervise the cafeteria.

If students need attention while in the cafeteria, they should raise their hand and someone will respond.

It is the goal of Food Service that all lunches will be nutritious and well balanced. When packing your child’s lunch please also make the lunches nutritious. Please no carbonated drinks.

The following rules apply to behavior in the cafeteria. Infractions will be reported to the teacher and principal if necessary. Continued misbehavior will result in a telephone call home, conference, or possible suspension from participation with the rest of the class in the cafeteria.
  1. Respectfully follow directions of the cafeteria supervisors.
  2. Speak quietly, only to those people beside your or in front of you at your table.
  3. Refrain from talking in the cafeteria lines.
  4. Eat your food; do not play with, swap, or throw it.
  5. Stay in your seat until you are dismissed.
  6. Leave the table and floor clean.

Cafeteria Meals and Prices
Breakfast: Breakfast is served in the school cafeteria every morning. Students may choose to purchase a ticket for the week or pay each day. Participants in the breakfast program should go directly to the cafeteria at 7:40. They are expected to be in class at 8:00.

Prices: $1.25 Reduced: $0.30

Lunch: Lunch vouchers may be purchased for a period of from three (3) to twenty (20) days. A list of these purchases is kept by the cafeteria cashier and credited when a lunch is purchased. The student is responsible for knowing when he needs another lunch voucher and purchasing it at the appropriate time.

Student: $2.00 Student Reduced: $0.40 Adult Visitor: $3.00

Adult Holiday Meal: $4.00

Lunch charges: If your child forgets his/her lunch money, the office staff will try to contact you by phone. Your child will be allowed to charge that meal if you are unable to bring the money, but the charge must be paid the next school day. A child will not be given more than two charges in a row.

Free and Reduced Price Meals: For qualifying parents, free or reduced – priced meals are available to children. To apply, complete the application form sent home at the beginning of the year. One application per family is not sufficient. Applications must be completed each school year for each child. Please return the applications to the school as soon as possible.