Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Lakeview Elementary School Profile


Address: 455 Rural Road 
Nashville, TN 37217
School Zone Map
Cluster: Antioch

School Contact
Phone: 615.360.2912
Fax: 615.360.2915

School Leadership
Dr. Robin Shumate -

Assistant Principal:
Adam Bryson -

Assistant Principal:

Shewanna Buchanan -

District 6 School Board Representative:
Cheryl Mayes

District 29 Metro Council Representative:

Karen Johnson

Facts About our School:
Number of Students: 916
Grades Served: PreK-4
Year School Built: 1986
Square Footage: 83,429
School Hours: 8:00 - 3:00
School Colors: Blue and Yellow
School Mascot: Lions
School Motto: "Lions Today, Leaders Tomorrow"
School Data


What Our School Offers

  • Balanced Literacy
  • Balanced Math
  • Art, Music, P.E.
  • Computer Classes
  • Service Projects
  • Student Banking
  • Middle TN Writing Project
  • Student Banking
  • Tons of Family Events
  • Assemblies
  • In-School Tutoring
  • Music & Art Shows
  • Read-a-thon
  • Journalism Club
  • Character Education
  • Leaps (After School) Clubs
  • Jump Rope for Heart

What Makes Our School Unique?

Lakeview Elementary Design Center serves children living in the Bell Road/Anderson Road area of Nashville near Percy Priest Lake. Our school zone encompasses a lovely neighborhood. 
    Our faculty and staff have participated in creating a very strong program of character education that is taught throughout our curriculum. Students attend character education assemblies designed to focus attention on the various character traits taught during the school year. These traits include Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Honesty, Service, Citizenship, Caring, and Courage.
    We invite parents to be an integral part of this school as we build on our past and look with pride toward our future.

School Zone and Pathway

Lakeview is a design center with a special Character Education program and voluntary enrollment. Students living within the school zone have the first choice at enrolling in the school and do not have to apply. Students attending the school are zoned in the Antioch cluster. To determine whether you are zoned to this school, visit our School Zone Finder.

PENCIL & Community Partners

  • Kroger - Nashboro Village
  • Max Scruggs Karate Center
  • NeverGrowUp, Inc.
  • Starbucks at Hickory Hollow
  • For Kids Only, Inc.
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • U.S. Community Credit Union Day Cares
  • KinderCare
  • Heart to Heart Daycare
  • Holly Tree 
  • LaPetite Academy
  • YMCA Fun Company 
  • Walgreens (Hamilton Church & Nashboro Village)
  • Walmart
  • Publix
  • Ruby Tuesday's
  • Chuck E. Cheese


  The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, or disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. MNPS does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. 2009 - 2010  
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