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Stanford Montessori School Profile

Address: 2417 Maplecrest Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

Cluster: McGavock

School Contact
Phone: 615.885.8822
Website: http://www.stanfordes.mnps.org

School Leadership
Teresa Dillehay - teresa.dillehay@mnps.org

District 9 School Board Representative:
Jill Speering

District 9 Metro Council Representative:
Phil Claiborne

Facts About our School:
Number of Students: 417
Year School Built: 2002
Square Footage: 54,470
Grades Served: PS-4
School Hours: 8:00 - 3:00
School Colors: Navy & White


What Our School Offers

  • School setting with a family atmosphere
  • Multi-age classrooms - 3-6, 6-9, 10
  • Developmentally appropriate early childhood education


  • Learn sensorally and move from concrete to abstract
  •  Development of self-discipline
  • Individualized instruction and curriculum


    • Teaching values of grace and courtesy and building a peaceful community
    • Instilling value and appreciation for cultural differences
    • Caring for our environment


    What Makes Our School Unique?

    Maria Montessori was a charismatic woman of exceptional genius. In 1896, she became one of the first women medical doctors in Italy and immediately became a prominent feminist, lecturing widely. She subsequently went to work in a clinic for mentally ill patients, in addition to maintaining a private medical practice. In this time, children with learning difficulties were sometimes placed in mental hospitals. Her interest in educating these children led her in 1899, at the age of twenty-nine, to become director of a new school for mentally retarded children in Rome. Intrigued by this work, she returned to the university to study teaching methods, hygiene and psychology. Eventually she was put in charge of a teacher course at the University of Rome.

    Montessori was an outstanding lecturer and she began to experiment with new teaching methods at a school in the slums of San Lorenzo. Her idea was to observe the tasks that children are naturally drawn to and enjoy, and to create learning materials which would meet their needs at each developmental stage. As each material was designed, Montessori observed which were in great demand and which were ignored by the children. Those which were ignored were removed. By 1909, there were four schools using Montessori's methods. Traditional schools with rows of unsmiling children adhering rigidly to rules began to be transformed by Montessori's approach and materials into bright, exciting places full of exploration and discovery. In 1910, Montessori published the results of her experiments in The Montessori Method

    Montessori's teaching methodology is now practiced all over the world by individuals with varying interpretations, training and ideas. The system itself, however, is so clearly laid out and so clearly meets the needs of children that Montessori schools and organizations continue to grow and prosper everywhere

    School Zone and Pathway

    Stanford is a design center that has a Montessori program and voluntary enrollment. We are not a zoned school. All students enter the school through the lottery process. The students living in Stanford's geographic zone have priority, but students living in the McGavock High School Cluster and the city may enter the lottery also. For more information, call 259-INFO. Sudents living in the Stanford area are zoned to the McGavock cluster.

    PENCIL & Community Partners

    • Golden Corral, Hermitage
    • Donelson Heights United Methodist Church
    • Thorntons
    • Chik-Fil-A Hermitage
    • ISTS 


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