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Dupont Hadley Middle School Profile



Address: 1901 Old Hickory Blvd.
Old Hickory, TN 37138
School Zone Map
Cluster: McGavock

School Contact
Phone: 615.847.7300

School Leadership
Dr. Kevin Armstrong -

District 4 School Board Representative:
Anna Shepherd -

District 11 Metro Council Representative: Darren Jernigan -

Parent Support Group Contact:
Vicki Unti-

Facts About our School:
Number of Students: 685
Grade Served: 5-8
Year School Built: 1969
Addition and Renovation: 2005
Square Footage: 106,348
School Hours: 8:55 - 3:55
School Colors: Red, Black & White
School Mascot: Bulldogs
School Motto: "Lighting the Way to Lifelong Learning"

School Data



What Does Our School Offer?

  • Physical Science for high school credit
  • Algebra for school high credit
  • Spanish for high school credit
  • Band
  • Art
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Spanish (5-8th Grade)
  • Extracurricular Sports - Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Wrestling, Track, Cheerleading
  • Academic and Athletic Pep Rallies
  • Academic Intervention daily 
  • Science Fair
  • AVID (6th - 8th Grade)
  • Clubs on Wednesday
  • 3 Week Incentives
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Junior Beta Club
  • Spelling Bee
  • Technology integrated in all classrooms
  •  7 Computer Labs (5 mobile, 2 stationary labs)
  • Running Club
  • LCD Projectors in every room
  • Wireless access throughout the building

What Makes Our School Unique?

It is our vision to do what is best for students to prepare them for the next phase of their academic lives.

We will prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to become responsible and productive citizens. Our emphasis is on the whole child. We intend not only to contribute to the development of the intellect but to the physical, emotional, and social skills of each student. This will ensure that we are Educating for Success.

We realize the importance of the school, parents and community working together to capitalize on the strengths of our students. Together Everyone Achieves More. It is vital that we model the behaviors we want children to learn. Students will be afforded the opportunity to grow and develop to become a positive part of society.

School Zone and Pathway

Students living in the DuPont Hadley Middle area are zoned to the McGavock cluster. To determine whether you are zoned to this school, visit our School Zone Finder.

PENCIL & Community Partners

PENCIL Foundation, a nonprofit organization, links community resources with Nashville public schools. A PENCIL Partner is a business or other community organization that teams up with a Metro school to volunteer time and donate resources that promote student success.

DuPont Company of Old Hickory - The DuPont Company of Old Hickory continues to contribute both time and money to promote learning and leadership in our school. Volunteers provide tutoring as well as organizing experiences for students ’overall growth. DuPont also contributes to assemblies, organizes and judges essay contests and numerous other activities which promote strong ties between school, industry and community.

Brandywine Women's Club - Brandywine Women’s Club is totally involved in making the activities successful. They spend many hours collectively in the school helping with ticket sales, walk to school day, hoops for heart, field day, annual golf tournament, proctoring, providing for our indigent students, and participating in our “angel tree” at Christmas.

The community is extremely supportive. Parents are involved through the PTO and actively volunteer on campus. The support is evident in our extracurricular activities such as Taste of the Towns, Hands on Nashville Day, Annual Golf Tournament, school dances, field days, 8th grade picnic, as well as other areas that ensure children will learn.

  • Publix, Hermitage


  The Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, or disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. MNPS does not discriminate in its hiring or employment practices. 2009 - 2010  
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