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W.A. Bass Adult Program Profile


Address: 5200 Delaware Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209

School Contact
Phone: 615.298-3278
Website: http://www.bass.mnps.org

School Leadership
Henry Johnson - henry.johnson@mnps.org

District 1 School Board Representative:
Sharon Gentry, Ed.D.

District 20 Metro Council Representative: Buddy Baker - buddy.baker@mnps.org

Facts About our School:
Number of Students: 500
School Hours: 7:00 - 3:00

School Data - Alternative Learning Center

School Data - Adult Program




What Does Our School Offer?

Adult Program
Bass Adult High School is the former Cohn Adult High School.  The new location hopes to continue to serve the adult population in Davidson County with an opportunity for nontraditional students to earn a regular high school diploma.  Thanks to the support of Metro Nashville Public Schools, students with a wide variety of personal experiences can continue their education.  The adult program works closely with many area services to provide opportunities for nontraditional students over the age of 18.  Our students include individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  We provide a flexible, supportive, and professional environment which enables everyone to learn at his or her individual pace.

Every nine weeks, the Bass Adult High School accepts applications for enrollment.  Students who complete graduation requirements matriculate in both  December and May graduations.  Our graduates also receive assistance and information that helps them continue their education in post secondary institiutions, colleges, and trade schools. 

Alternative Learning Center
Officials from all 16 of Metropolitan Nashville Public High Schools may remand students who have had serious behavioral offenses or repeated violations of school rules to attend high school in a smaller environment with fewer opportunities for inappropriate behavior.  Families may elect to attend Jere Baxter Alternative Learning Center or Bass Alternative Learning Center.  Students are remanded to ALCs for the period of time designated by the Discipline Committee.  Attending alternative high schools offers students the opportunity to continue learning during their expulsion period and the experience also allows them the opportunity to learn to make better choices.  School personnel consist of experience professionals who specialize in working with students at risk of not achieving a high school diploma.  It is the personal goal of each school official to have a positive impact on student learning and behavior.  Every student who has been expelled for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to use this difficult time in his or her life to recover lost academic status and practice making better decisions.

Transition Program
The Transitions Program serves students in grades 9-12 and ages 14-18, who are returning from short-term incarceration, violated probation, or Pre-trial Diversion and have been on probation for a year or less.

Mission and Vision Statement

Mission: Bass will provide a safe and supportive environment where all students are encouraged by and motivated with multiple opportunities to learn, achieve and grow as individuals.

Vision: Bass Learning Center will provide students the opportunity to change their lives and to prepare for the future.



PENCIL & Community Partners

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