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TCAP Scores

Test Scores Usher in Excitement, Pride and Hope

Metro Schools is celebrating the release of test data by the State Department of Education that shows the district has moved into ‘Improving’ status under No Child Left Behind guidelines. The announcement has been much-anticipated and is the result of a lot of hard work by staff and students, as well as changes in the organizational structure and operation of MNPS during this past year.

‘Improving’ status means that every subgroup met the state-mandated benchmark for achievement in every subject tested. However, to come off the state’s High Priority list and move into Good Standing status, the district must make AYP again during the 2009-10 school year (to move into or out of Good Standing requires making or missing AYP for two consecutive years).

Many of the changes made during the past school year were in collaboration with State Department of Education officials, who have worked closely with district leadership and schools over the past two years. Those changes were made prior to Dr. Register’s arrival this past January.

This spring, Register launched MNPS Achieves, his comprehensive, district-wide improvement plan that targets eight crucial areas of need with study groups comprised of community members, parents, and MNPS staff. MNPS Achieves also includes the reallocation of resources to schools, reorganization throughout the district and an emphasis on using data to drive decision-making, among other efforts. This week’s release will not significantly change the reform efforts now underway.

While this good news brings a sense of great excitement, pride and optimism to the district, administrators, teachers, faculty and staff remain focused on continuing the mission of district-wide reform. MNPS is fortunate to have a strong, effective and committed Board of Education; a strong, collaborative partnership with the State Department of Education; and a community that is supportive of great schools. These three factors will be crucial in the coming months and years as we continue implementing district-wide reform efforts.

Special Reports

To make sure all community stakeholders understand exactly where the district stands, several documents can be viewed below that highlight this year's report. 

To view the full presentation highlighting district successes and areas of need, 
click here.

To view charts showing AYP target levels for previous years, current and upcoming years,
click here.

To view the district's AYP History from 2005 - 2009,
click here.

To view individual school AYP status for 2009,
click here.

To view percentage change in proficiency level of MNPS students according to TCAP and Gateway scores,
click here.

To view the TCSPP (Tennessee Comprehensive Systemwide Planning Process), click here.

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