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Essential Literature

smiling red book
"What is Essential Literature?" ... you may ask.

These are  the sets of literature books that each grade level reads together as a class and does activities with.  There are enough of each title for the entire class to use at the same time.  These are not "library books".  They do not have "barcodes" on them.  When you see any of these come home ... read them with your child and enjoy the love of the literature.

Please be sure that your child returns them.  We share the "tub of books" among every class in that grade level ... so if someone loses a book, that means a child will not have the opportunity to use one. If your child loses one of these, we will send home a note asking you to send in $10 to replace it.

Thanks for sharing the "love of literature" with your child and helping them become responsible with the books!

Essential Literature