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Is Your Child Gifted?

Have questions about whether or not your child is a gifted learner? Look for these characteristics:

  • Great curiosity about objects, situations or events
  • Eagerness to know "how" and "why"
  • Exceptional memory; vast wealth of general knowledge
  • Keen sense of understanding regarding human interactions
  • Sensitivity to the feelings of others; understands the abstract
  • Attention to details when making observations; perfectionism
  • Keen sense of humor; enjoys, "gets" and tells jokes
  • Early tendency to focus on areas/topics of interest
  • Task commitment; elaboration in artwork or writing
  • Large vocabulary; interest in words, word derivations
  • Preference for conversation with adults; makes unusual connections
  • Learns with 1-2 repetitions; impatience with repetitive tasks

When you recognize these traits in your child or a child you know, you can refer him or her for testing or a screening to identify advanced academic talent. You may ask at the child’s school or contact the Gifted Services Office for more details. Parents, guardians, pediatricians, child care professionals, certified school personnel, and students themselves may make these referrals.

A student is identified as eligible for Encore services through demonstration of advanced classroom performance, superior results on a nationally-normed or criterion-referenced achievement test, and evidence of higher level thinking as measured by assessment of abstract reasoning and logical thinking.

If you believe your child to be a gifted learner, visit our
"How to Refer a Child"
to find out how you can get him or her tested.


There are a number of resources available to help answer your questions. Score your child on our Characteristics of Giftedness Scale and see the differences between gifted children and bright children with our Comparison Chart. We also have a full presentation that explains the characteristics and needs of gifted learners. To view that presentation, click the link below.

Presentation on Gifted Learners

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