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Parent Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

!!! Parent Volunteers are Needed !!!

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Dear Parents,

Are you looking for ways to become more involved in your child’s education? Sign up to become a parent volunteer!

Please check ways that you are interested in helping our school!

_____ working with students one-on-one (flashcards, reading books, etc.)

_____ cutting out materials for classroom use

_____ helping monitor students during centers

_____ help with special projects, parties, or field trips

_____ volunteering in the library (shelving books, etc.)

_____ other ideas ______________________________________


Parent Name: ________________ Student Name: _______________

Home Phone: ________________ E-mail Address: ______________

Days available to volunteer: ____________________________________

Times available to volunteer: ___________________________________

Are you willing to help in classrooms other than your child’s? ___________

Thank you for your time and support!

Return this form to Ms. Barnes.