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The Encore Program
The Encore Program is a general education program designed specifically to address the needs of intellectually gifted and academically talented learners. Instruction is aligned with the expectations of Tennessee standards and focuses on the following: the examination of universal concepts and truths, the development the critical and creative thinking processes, learning with intellectual peers, in-depth explorations of the arts, humanities, mathematics, and science, utilizing problem solving skills in mathematics, the sciences, and literature, and college and career guidance. Encore units of study are interdisciplinary, hands-on, and teamwork oriented.
Each Encore teacher has trained extensively in the nature and needs of gifted learners. Classes meet ½ day each week in the student’s school or a school nearby. When necessary, parents provide transportation.

Do students miss assignments and tests while in Encore classes?
Encore classes are intended to be in lieu of (not in addition to) regular classroom instruction. 

  • Encore students are responsible for making up tests that are missed while attending Encore. Such tests may be scheduled before Encore, after Encore, or on a different day.
  • Either before they leave school for Encore or after they return to school from Encore, Encore students should be allowed to turn in any major classroom projects or previously assigned homework that is due.
  • Encore students should not be asked to make up all daily work that they miss, unless the assignment covers a new skill being introduced or represents a major grade. Teachers may consider compacting assignments for these students: e.g., pre-testing to ascertain prior knowledge or assigning the five hardest problems in the lesson to determine mastery.
  • Encore students should not receive Fs or zeroes for regular class work missed while they are attending Encore.
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