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ACT Math Prep Syllabus (each 9 weeks)

Mrs. Boyd’s Expectations:


o Treat Mrs. Boyd and your classmates the way you want to be treated…you’ll appreciate it later.

o THINK before you say or do…that can prevent a lot of drama.


o Bring yourself to class every day and ON TIME…you can’t learn it as well if you’re not here!

o Bring your homework, notebook, paper, and pencil EVERY day…that’s just life.


o Participate in class…it’s more fun that way!

o Do your homework…it helps you learn J

o Ask for help…because I will help you!

o Study…it’s amazing how much it can make a difference!

What Happens When Mrs. Boyd is Disappointed:

If you cause a problem, I will ask you to solve it.

If you can’t solve the problem or choose not to, I will do something.

What I do will depend on the unique situation.

Thank you for understanding,

-Mrs. Boyd

Your seating assignment could get changed.

You could get assigned lunch detention or after school detention with Mrs. Boyd.

You could be referred to an administrator.

You could get temporarily sent out of the classroom into a different classroom.

You could get a phone call home to your parent(s) about the situation.

You could get pulled outside and talked with individually.

I have read Mrs. Boyd’s expectations and procedures and understand them.

Student signature: _______________________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian signature: _____________________________________________________

Natalie Boyd         ext. 1312

ACT Math Prep

The Description:
ACT Math Prep is a nine-week long course designed to help students improve their math score on the ACT assessment. Students will review math learned in previous courses as well as learn test taking skills and techniques for answering multiple choice math questions like those on the ACT assessment.

The Materials:

  • Composition or spiral notebook
  • Pencils and pens
  • Calculator

The Grades:

* Homework/Participation.................50%
This grade will be determined by notebook quizzes, in class work, journal entries, and homework assignments.

* Tests.............................................30%
These tests will be given after every unit. This also includes A+ tests from the computer.

* Quizzes.........................................20%
Quizzes will be announced and will happen often. This also includes A+ practice tests from the computer.

The Notebook:

You need to have a separate spiral or composition notebook to take notes from you’re A+ lessons as well as to take notes from lessons Mrs. Boyd teaches. You will be expected to bring your notebook to class every day.

The Homework:
Homework will happen often in the form of worksheets. When we do have homework, you can expect it to be checked the next class period for a grade.

The A+ Lab:

Throughout this course, students will use the A+ computer software to review and re-learn math skills covered on the ACT. The practice tests and tests from this program will count the same as ones that students take with pencil and paper.

The Topics (nine weeks only):

· Pre-Algebra/Elementary Algebra

· Intermediate Algebra/Plane Geometry

· Coordinate Geometry/Trigonometry

The Necessities:
Your notebook with paper and something to write with are needed everyday. If you need to bring something unusual to class, I will remind you. Come to class prepared!

The Make-Up Work:
You are responsible for getting make-up work; this includes homework, handouts, and notes. Please come see me about your situation so you and I can make sure you get caught up. Also, get notes and assignments from a friend in the class as soon as you get back!

The Cellular Scoop:

Turn off your phone before entering my classroom. Vibrate does not count. If your phone rings, you are using it, or you have it out during class, it will be confiscated and turned in in accordance with school rules.

The Tardiness:

Tardies will be handled according to the student handbook.

The Usual:

There will always be a Daily ACT question to answer at the beginning of class.

Feel free to sharpen your pencil during class as long as you do it without disturbing others. Only one person may be at the pencil sharpener at a time.

In the computer lab, students must be on task (and not on the internet or playing games).

I will update gradespeed at the end of each week. Check it to keep up with your grade!

The No-Scandal Zone:

Making fun of, gossiping about, or otherwise tearing down another student, teacher, principal, or coach will not be tolerated in my classroom.