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In order for teachers to effectively deliver targeted instruction to meet the needs of their students, they rely on high-quality, accessible data to inform them of student progress and challenges. MNPS has developed a world-class data warehouse, the MNPS Longitudinal Educational Analytics and Decision Support System (“LEADS”), which provides extensive information for teachers and administrators to enable them to meet the needs of their students. LEADS has been developed to integrate student-centric data in order to provide early warning indicators regarding students at risk for dropping out of school, and also extensive data on student and teacher performance related to academic instruction and assessment. Race to the Top funds will provide additional investment to LEADS to increase its technical capabilities, links to additional data systems, and flexibility.

Though the development of a high quality, world-class data warehouse is essential, educators must also be equipped with the tools, training and knowledge to access the data, analyze and interpret the data, and then use that analysis to adapt instructional practices. Therefore, Race to the Top funds allocated to data systems are being used to employ data coaches who provide extensive training for all school-based instructional personnel to access, analyze and use data in order to target and improve instructional practice in ways that promote student achievement for all students in all schools.




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