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The Academy at Hickory Hollow Online Application

The Academy at Hickory Hollow application

Please complete all areas of the application that apply to you. Certain fields are required. When finished, click "Preview" to review your application before submission. From the "Preview" screen, you will be able to submit the application.

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Date of Application
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Name (First and Last)
City/State/Zip Code
Home Phone
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Place of Work
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Email Address
City/State/Zip Code
Phone Number
Last School Attended
Are you currently enrolled?
If you answered no, please explain why.
Why are you applying to The Academy?
What qualities do you want in a teacher?
Do you have access to a computer and the Internet?
If you answered yes, where do you have access?
(Check all that apply.)
Do you know anyone currently enrolled at The Academy, or someone who graduated from The Academy? If yes, who?
Has anyone in your immediate family attended college?
Please use the space below to write about yourself and tell why you think The Academy would be a good school for you.
Federal regulations require that all students enrolling in a public school answer the following questions. These questions provide us with valuable information on how to best serve you.
Do you speak another language besides English?
If the answer is yes, please tell us what language(s) you speak.
What language did you first learn to speak?
What language do you speak most often outside of school?
What language do people usually speak in your home?
Where were you born?
If you were NOT born in the United States, what date did you enter the United States?
We have found that our most successful students are the students who have completed the application themselves. In good faith, we are presuming the student named above is the one who has completed the application. Filling out the application for someone else may result in the applicant not being accepted.
By checking the box you are certifying that the student named above as the applicant is the person who completed the entire application.