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Intercession is for - You can help us fill in the blank. 
We have the opportunity to create unique programs tailored to our students

Presentation on Intersession Planning

Intersession can be whatever we make of it. With so much time to work together on development, teachers, parents, students, administrators and community groups can build a plan to offer enrichment, acceleration, academic & social programs during the fall and spring break intersession periods.

The 2012-13 District Calendar includes include two intersessions - one attached to fall break and one attached to spring break. Based partially on programs offered by Johns Hopkins University, the following are examples of intersession programs that could be offered through Metro Schools and other community agencies.

Examples of what we might offer at JTM would include opportunities for co-curricular travel, for example trips to our nation’s capital, a city with major cultural interests, or even for a stay at Camp Heifer in Arkansas, providing students an opportunity
Read what our educators would do during intersession
Intersession is for extra help 
Students who need remediation and intervention can get it during intersession. Based on data seen throughout the school year, teachers and principals can identify those students who might need a little boost. These students can get targeted and intensive instruction during the intersession.

We could offer:
  • Subject area camps
  • Credit & content recovery
  • Technology classes
  • Virtual Courses
  • Writing lab
  • and more

Intersession is for enrichment

All students could find a rewarding program during intersession. For those who don't need extra help in academics, there could be a chance to for social enrichment through:
  • Visual & performing arts
  • Music
  • Health, wellness & fitness
  • Fine arts field trips
  • Volunteering
  • Civic & cultural experiences

Intersession is for college & career prep

High school students could get prepared for their next step during intersession. Working with our own teachers and through partnerships with community groups, we could offer:

  • ACT camps
  • College essay classes
  • Internships
  • On-site job experiences
  • Career development labs

Intersession is for everyone
There can be something for everyone during intersession. We have a full year to plan it and get it right.

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