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Student Data

Learn how to interpret your child's TCAP results, what information is covered on the test, and what the different levels of mastery are.

Contact Beatriz Salgado at beatriz.salgado@mnps.org



http://www.state.tn.us/education/assessment/achievement.shtml .
Contact person is Bea Salgado at


·Discovery Education Assessment:  Why is my child taking this assessment? How are the results used?  Contact person is Beatriz Salgado at beatriz.salgado@mnps.org  


Parent Connection/Grade speed:

·Learn how to monitor your child’s progress online. Monitor grades and attendance.  Contact person is Tamela Mccann at tamela.mccann@mnps.org.


 Limitless Libraries

Learn how to access an endless selection of reading materials from the Nashville Public Library and other resources.


Limitless Libraries www.croftmslibrary.weebly.com or www.library.nashville.org/schools.  

Contact person is Julie Gangone. She can be reached at