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Pre-K Supply List
Picture of the Alphabet ABC


1- 4 oz. School glue
6 glue sticks
2-16 box of Crayola Crayons
1 Zipper pencil pouch
1 package of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand soap(girls) 1 bottle hand sanitizer(boys)
1 box of Zip lock bags (sandwich size)from the boys
1 box of Zip lock bags (gallon size) from the girls
2 boxes of tissues
1 pkg. of #2 pencils
1-Standard sz. backpack(no wheels)
1 pair scissors rounded /blunt
1 crib sheet for cot
1 blanket for covering
1 change of clothing (Standard School attire)
1-12 count box of color pencils

Label With Your Child's Name: backpack, blanket , change of clothes