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School Options

Mark your Calendars!

First Choice Festival
September 22
4:30-7:00 p.m.
Tennessee State Fairgrounds

2014-15 Calendar: Coming Soon
full calendar

Explore and Compare Schools

View Selection Day Results

Every student has options, and they are expanding!

The School Options process for 2014-15 will get started a little later this fall. Look for updated lists of available schools, programs, visits, important dates and more in the coming weeks.

Be sure to attend the First Choice Festival on September 22 from 4:30-7:00 p.m. at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Your school choice process starts there. For more details, click here.

Metro Nashville Public Schools embraces its diversity – in ethnicity, interests, socioeconomics and learning styles – allowing YOU to choose when, where, and how your child learns. Metro Schools will help you select the right school for your child, and your family, so he or she has a great educational experience and graduates prepared for college, career and life.

Explore all your school options such as your zoned school, optional schools and charter schools.

Make plans to visit a school. Enter to win an iPad at each school you visit.

Apply to a school through Optional Schools Application.

Need help? Call Metro Schools Customer Service Center at 615.259.4636 to speak with an Academic Counselor or visit pages in this section  to find entrance requirements, explore school options, search for transportation options, and apply online.

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