The Board of Education approved the 2017-18 district calendar at its meeting Sept. 13. The  calendar includes several significant changes from previous years that benefit children, families and teachers in significant ways:

  • More instructional time
  • More consistent between days off to allow for longer stretches of instructional days
  • More convenient and predictable time off for families
  • Eliminating the extra day off after the first day of school
  • Doing away with intersession
  • Not grouping snow make-up days next to Spring Break, which often interrupts family plans
  • Additional time before school starts for teachers to set up their classrooms and receive needed professional development

Changes include:

  • Teachers will have four days for in-service beginning Aug. 1. This is to give teachers more time to prepare their classrooms and lessons before students arrive.
    • The second in-service day, Aug. 2, will be a system-wide professional development program for Pre-K8th grade teachers.
  • The first day of school will be Monday Aug. 7, and it is a full day. School will be in session Tuesday, Aug. 8. There will be no day off after the first day of school as in previous years.
  • Monday Aug. 21 will be a stockpiled professional development day and will be system-wide for teachers in grades 912.
  • Parent Conference Day is moved to Wednesday Nov. 1. This is because there is no election day in November 2017.
  • There are two half-days for professional development at the end of the first and third grading periods. These will be followed by a planning day.
  • Exam days in December will be full days for high schools with the exception of the last day. The last day of exams, Dec. 15, will be a half day for all grades.
  • In January, teachers will report one day before students report for the second semester. This is to give teachers more time to prepare their classrooms and lessons for the upcoming semester.
    • Jan. 2, will be a planning day.
  • There will be no intersession or snow make-up days scheduled in March. This will allow parents to make plans for Spring Break without worrying that the plans will be interrupted.
  • The fourth grading period will begin two weeks before Spring Break following a 3 ½ day weekend for students.

The 2017-18 calendar includes more days dedicated to professional development, allowing teachers and staff additional time to learn, collaborate and prepare to better serve students.