Family Engagement University

Family Engagement University (FEU) is a professional development program for school professionals on the topics of welcoming schools, family engagement, equity and access and community involvement. The mission of FEU is to enhance the skills, knowledge and perspectives of school professionals to engage in effective partnerships with families and communities that support student success and the improvement of schools.

The vision of Family Engagement University is to increase the capabilities, connections, cognitions and confidence of school professionals through these varied courses to increase family, school and community partnerships in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Family Engagement University Courses are offered through four Colleges:

  • The College of Welcoming Schools
  • The College of Family Engagement
  • The College of Equity and Access
  • The College of Community Involvement

Download the January 4, 2017 Family Engagement Summit Program

Family Engagement University courses are open to district and schools. District trainings can be found in Schoolnet and principals can request courses on professional development days, during faculty meetings, before or after school or during grade-level meetings by completing this form or emailing