Metro Schools issued a travel freeze memo on September 27, 2016 as part of a fiscal analysis of district-wide spending. The memo did not prohibit all travel but gave guidance to department heads to ensure that travel was aligned with classroom and district initiatives.

To date, the district has saved nearly $1 million because of this effort because all expenditures are scrutinized to align with strategic priorities.

Records recently given to a news outlet examined about 80 trips, all of which were important to the work of the district. From a reading recovery conference that supported Metro’s literacy work, a Cambridge training that supports the federal grant to address Pre-K discipline gaps to a STEM Excellence Award event that recognized one of our middle schools, these are the kinds of professional development and learning opportunities that are vital to schools.

The professional development travel related to teachers as well as school and central office personnel responsible for curriculum and instructional leadership of schools.

Now that the review of district-wide spending has been completed, the district will continue to monitor travel expenditures.