Neely’s Bend Middle School (NBMS) with Metro Nashville Public Schools and Neely’s Bend College Prep (NBCP) with the Tennessee Achievement School District have been co-located on the same campus in Madison, Tennessee since SY 2015-17.  This co-location has proceeded successfully with NBMS phasing out a grade each year and NBCP, operated by ASD-approved LEAD Public Schools, phasing in a grade each year. By SY 2018-19, all grades will be served by LEAD Public Schools-operated NBCP. The co-location arrangement has maintained guaranteed enrollment for all zoned students grades 5-8 at their neighborhood school for the last two years.

In a partnership geared toward increasing academic program offerings and concentrating resources, Metro Nashville Public Schools has advanced a tentative agreement with the Tennessee Achievement School District and LEAD Public Schools that would enable LEAD Public Schools to serve all students grades 5 – 8 at both schools’ current location beginning in school year 2017-2018.  This agreement guarantees continued enrollment for all rising 8th graders in the Neely’s Bend school zone at their zoned neighborhood school: Neely’s Bend College Prep.

On April 11, 2017, the Metropolitan Board of Public Education will vote on the 2017-2018 School Year Budget submitted by MNPS Superintendent Shawn Joseph.  If the budget is approved, the agreement between Metro Nashville Public Schools, the Tennessee Achievement School, and LEAD Public Schools would commence with both MNPS and the ASD taking steps to name a transition team and produce a plan that ensures that information is transparently communicated with families and preparations are made to implement the transition from a two school, two district campus to one school serving grades 5-8 beginning school year 2017-2018.

As an option, Metro Nashville Public Schools will also make Madison Middle School available for interested students and families.