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John Early Museum Magnet

Address: 1000 Cass Street Nashville, TN 37208| Grade Level: 6-8 | Website: http://www.johnearlyms.mnps.org

John Early Museum Magnet Middle's Focus

John Early Museum Magnet extends the museum school theme through the middle grades. It will offer exciting connections with the city’s best museums and provide students with enriching opportunities through object-based lessons. As the rigor of the work increases during middle school, you will appreciate seeing students working in groups to present their impressive discoveries.

Who can attend?

Students who are zoned for John Early are automatically entitled to attend this magnet school, and any student from the county may apply to attend as well. This year, out-of-zone students can apply for the 2011-12 school year through Open Enrollment in March.

John Early Museum Magnet Pathway

Students who meet academic qualifications are automatically accepted to Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet High School. All students from John Early will be particularly well-prepared for any of Nashville’s theme-based small learning communities the high school they choose to attend.

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