College Zone gives Maplewood students counseling, ACT prep & more

Students in the Maplewood College Zone Maplewood principal Ron Woodard plans to send a lot more of his graduates to college in the coming years. And he’s got help.

The school's successful College Zone program is getting a big boost from the Martha O'Bryan Center, a key school partner partner. Martha O'Bryan will help turn College Zone into a duplicate of another successful college prep program, the Top Floor at Stratford STEM Magnet.

For two years now, Top Floor has helped students prepare and apply for college through after school tutoring and mentoring.

The Maplewood College Zone will look very similar to Top Floor, offering ACT prep, college counseling, homework help, tutoring and a good, constructive place for students to go after school. Thanks to Dr. Woodard, it already has a good head start:

Video courtesy of the Southern Education Desk

At the unveiling, Dr. Woodard was supported by Mayor Karl Dean and Jay Steele, who was just recently named the Chief Academic Officer for Metro Schools. They testified to the power of student engagement in schools and the community, saying how it will help raise achievement, ACT scores and college admission.

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Thanks are due to the Martha O’Bryan Center for stepping up as a partner and to Ron Woodard who (as always) does everything he can push his students toward college.