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Madison Middle is LEED Certified

Madison Middle SchoolHey, look who turned green. Madison Middle School earned LEED Silver Certification last month, meaning it was designed and built to be environmentally friendly. To earn Silver status, the school had to meet several criteria laid out by the U.S. Green Building Council.

How did it get there? A lot of it has to do with the wonderful community surrounding the school.

The Madison community has strong ties to that school, and it’s one of the reasons why the school was renovated and re-used rather than leveled and rebuilt. The school earned LEED points for reusing the existing building and keeping it in that prime location on Old Hickory Boulevard. That area is considered a walkable neighborhood, with essential services very close by.

The school also earned points for opening its doors to the community, meaning its facilities can serve multiple purposes for neighborhood groups, alumni and others.

Construction was also environmentally friendly. Many of the building materials are made of recycled content and manufactured within 500 miles of the school.

But one of the best attributes of the school’s new LEED certification is the huge amount of construction waste that didn’t really go to waste. More than 70% of all construction materials were recycled and kept out of landfills, 300 tons in all.


Hats off to Madison Middle School, the architects who designed and oversaw the renovation and the Metro Schools Planning and Construction team for a job well done!