Contest Alert: Volunteer to win cash for you or your school

ONE Nashville LogoIs it still volunteering if you can win cash? You bet it is! is enticing you to volunteer in our schools by putting cash and prizes on the line. You can enter as yourself, enter your whole school or enter your business.

It's easy.

Log on to and choose volunteer opportunities in our schools. Be sure to log your hours on the website. And that's it. Really, that's it!

When you hit the minimum number of hours you will be entered into a drawing. There are three separate prizes for individual, school and business:

  • $1,000 for you
  • $1,000 for your school
  • a full page ad in The Tennessean for your business

Here's the fine print:

Criteria to win Individual: Anyone who logs 12 hours or more will be entered into the drawing.

Business: Employee volunteers must log an average of 2.5 hours each. For example, if a company has 10 employees who volunteer in Metro Nashville Public Schools, they would need to log at least 25 combined hours for the business to be entered into the drawing.

School: In order to keep the playing field equal for large and small schools, each school will need an average of one volunteer hour logged per student per year to be eligible for the prize. Since the time frame leading up to the drawing is three months, schools must divide the number of students by four to find out how many volunteer hours are needed to be entered into the drawing. For example, if a school has 200 students, they would need to log 50 hours to be eligible.


Get started!