Welcome to the new Children First

Since it began, Children First has shined a spotlight on our students, teachers and schools. We’ve shared accomplishments and awards, fun events and news. We’re continuing that tradition, but stronger than ever. Children First is your first source for news, happenings and successes in your schools. When something great happens in Metro Schools, you will see it here.

It will also help bring you closer to your child’s education by writing about issues and trends in education that you should be aware of. We’ll write about changes and new ideas without the jargon and ed-speak that can sometimes dominate discussions about education.

On Children First you will also find helpful information and tips on important topics for parents and students. Want help with a college application? Need to know what to ask during a parent-teacher conference?  Wondering how to help your child prepare for a big test? We’ll have answers and help right here.

Our other blog, On Public Education, will continue to share opinions and advocacy on education issues. It represents our points of view on the topics that will improve Metro Schools: policies, laws, reform efforts and anything else that deserves attention.

Bookmark Children First and come back daily for the good news, the big stories and the events you need to know about.  And when you have good news or events happening in your neck of the woods, tell us all about it. We want your story ideas and tips.

Thank you for your on-going support of Metro Schools.