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Dr. Register's evaluation approved by the Board

At tonight's Board meeting, members approved the Director's Evaluation for Dr. Jesse Register. The evaluation praised his leadership in moving the district forward, saying "this positive movement forward inspires a growing sense of possibility as well as urgency to increase the pace of improvement."

Bright spots across the district- where several schools drove dramatic increases in student achievement- help give us that greater sense of urgency, and promising district-wide growth tells us that we can and must move the needle across the board. All of this speaks to the leadership of Dr. Register and the herculean effort it takes to lead and manage a system of 10,000 people strong serving 81,000 kids; countless duties ranging from getting the buses to run safely and on time to ensuring that we train and develop our instructional leaders all fall under Dr. Register's remit, and we commend him for taking us forward over the last year.

Yet before us lies an incredible opportunity and challenge; we have made progress, but we- the board and Dr. Register collectively- see the need for increased pace of change that builds off everything we've learned thus far re: driving better student achievement outcomes; we want world-class teaching and learning in every classroom, which itself is driven by everything from better recruitment, selection, and retention of outstanding principals and teachers to exceptional coaching and development of the 6000 teacher and principal leaders in our schools to community support and engagement in the effort. Put another way, and in Dr. Register's words, we want every school to be a great school that is capable of providing the kind of education that enables kids to do whatever they want in life.

Dr. Register scored a 3.93 out of 5 possible points.

Elissa Kim, chair of the Evaluation Committee, also said they would look at making changes to the evaluation process to focus on goals and measurable achievement.

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