Play the HTML5 video game created in an elementary reading lesson

Lunch Video Game Screenshot First graders at Bellshire Elementary School are playing a video game in class. That’s right.

But maybe we should mention this other detail: it’s a video game they made themselves.

The students worked together with their teacher to build a video game using HTML5 gaming software called Construct 2. But the point of the lesson isn’t programming. It’s all about story development and writing in different types of media.

The story goes like this: Mr. Doowatiwanna has taken Lunch's video game and kidnapped Ms. Julie (the class paraprofessional).  After fighting his way through Doowatiwanna's spaceship, the bad guy unleashes his crazy gorilla.  Lunch beats Mr. Doowatiwanna and the gorilla to save the day!

Through this simple story, students learned about elements of every story: protagonists, antagonists, conflict and resolution. The students also designed each character and game element.

“The child who had the largest role in the development process has gained a true ownership of the game because it really is his work throughout,” says teacher Kevin Whitman.

Want to try Lunch’s Adventure for yourself? Play the game right here.

Keep in mind: It's not finished. The final boss hasn't been created just yet.