4 big changes we made for spring intersession

Intersession is just around the corner once again (March 18-22), but you’ll notice a few changes from last fall. After the fall intersession, we heard from you. A lot of you. And we listened. We took in a lot of feedback from parents, students and schools. Some of it was good, some of it was bad, but we took it all to heart.

You wanted better and more timely communication. You wanted programs to be open to more students and more programs offered at your school. You wanted us to serve food.

We hear you.

The major changes to intersession this semester are:

  1. More programs hitting more areas: Every single school in Metro is offering intersession programs. Principals and teachers planned programs for their schools without direction from central office, based on what their families need and want. Programs include science activities, reading help, drama camps, TCAP and ACT prep, math tutoring, field trips, college tours, rocket competitions – you name it. Our schools have hundreds of programs that run the gamut. Our awesome community partners are offering programs, too. Peek inside the “Be More.” magazine for a list of all programs.
  2. Better communication and a firm registration period: We have posted a complete listing of intersession programs online, more than a month in advance. School received boxes of the “Be More.” magazine this week. Registration is open now through March 1. Timing was the #1 complaint we received about the fall intersession, and we worked hard to fix it.
  3. More availability so more students can participate: Last semester was a pilot of the intersession concept, kept intentionally small so we could see how it all worked. We ran into an unexpected snag when registration filled up for many programs, but students did not attend. That left us with some empty seats. This semester schools plan to overbook programs so absences can quickly be filled with more students who want to take part.
  4. Serve food: Some schools will provide meals and/or snacks. Schools will make the decision on an individual basis of whether or not to serve food. Contact your school to find out if it will do so.

We’re very excited for the spring intersession. It’s a program we strongly believe can benefit all students.

Take a look at what your school is offering during intersession and sign up. Families who took part in the fall gave us overwhelmingly good feedback, so we know you’ll enjoy it.