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Severe Weather Awareness Week: We're doing our part. Here's what you can do.

It's a relief to think that spring is right around the corner, but the warmer weather also brings the possibility for bad storms. Now is the time to prepare yourself and your family. Office of Emergency Management

It's Severe Weather Awareness Week in Tennessee, and here in Metro Schools we're doing our part by holding tornado drills in schools. It's all part of  of a preparedness drill from the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) this Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

So what can you do to prepare for spring severe weather? OEM has a fantastic guide on its website with steps to take before, during and after disaster strikes.

OEM is also unveiling it's new NERVE system that lets you see critical information about storms and other disasters in your community, and the Storm Shelter Registry.

Nashville’s Emergency Response Viewing Engine/NERVE was unveiled last year, and is a one-stop on-line site used during disasters for the public to find critical information about storm related road closures and navigating around closures, locations of emergency shelters and includes a media center and more.

Many citizens are installing storm shelters on their property, and Nashville OEM is pleased to announce the launch of their new Storm Shelter Registry. This registry will allow citizens to register their storm shelter location so emergency personnel can assist them if a disaster strikes their location. On this registry you can type in your address, use GPS coordinates, or with one click of a button, you can Geolocate your current location based on your computer’s address. You will be asked for contact information and alternate contact information in the event we need to reach someone about your shelter.

Another good step to take to prepare for storms or any other emergency that could strike your home is to register with Smart911.

Smart 911 is a service offered free of charge to the citizens of Davidson County. When you register, you will give important information about your home and family: floor plans, locations in the house, medical needs, pets and more. That information is given to emergency responders when you call 9-1-1 so they will be more prepared and able to help your family. It is never shared with other groups. It is only given to emergency responders and only when you call 9-1-1.

It's 100% free for you to use, so sign up and protect your family.