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Nashville's education technology leaders in the spotlight

It's a big week for tech in Metro Schools!

From Educators Get A Glimpse Into The Classroom of the Future

Visitors from all over the country are in Nashville to take notes on how we’re using technology in our classrooms. We’re hosting Board members from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), of which our own Dr. Kecia Ray is the President-elect.

They’ll tour eleven schools and the Downtown Library to see how we’re using tech in reading, STEM and virtual schools.

As if that weren’t enough, Microsoft’s Vice President of Technology Anthony Salcito is talking to Metro educators about where education technology is headed in the future. Salcito travels all over the world spotting educational trends and developing products to meet them. He can give great perspective on the best uses of technology rather than just technology for its own sake.

But he will show off some of his company’s newest products. He’s presenting “the classroom of the future” to educators from all over Tennessee, including the State Department of Ed and universities.

We in Metro Schools believe in the effective use of technology in the classroom. Our Learning Technology team spends its time deciding how tech should be used and helping teachers and principals work it into their instruction. They don’t believe in bringing in gadgets just to have them. Every use of technology must be justified and meet or enhance an instructional need.

We’re proud to have one of the best technology teams in the world!