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Answers to your intersession questions

There are only three days left to register for intersession. The deadline is Friday, March 1, so don’t dawdle. Sign up today and, just as important, be sure to actually attend if you sign up! We’ve taken a lot of questions about intersession (thought far fewer than last semester) and tried to answer every one. Here are some of the biggest.


What is intersession?

If you don’t know what intersession is by now, here’s a quick review: intersession is a period when schools are closed in the traditional sense, but open for voluntary enrichment and remediation activities for large groups of students. Schools plan programs based on student need and family wants. All programs are designed around the three pillars of “Learn More, Experience More, Do More.”


My school isn’t offering intersession programs that fit my child. Why can’t all kids take part?

Schools plan and design intersession programs on their own without direct input from Central Office. They plan programs that meet the needs of their students and pay for them out of school funds. While some schools may not be able to offer enough seats for every single student, they will serve as many as they can with what they have and address the areas of greatest need.

Every single school is offering intersession programs. If there are none at your school that meet your child’s need, there are many community partners and organizations offering programs during that time. A list of these programs can be found in the “Be More.” intersession magazine.

If you still can’t find something that fits your child, talk to your principal about what you’d like to see and how it can happen. There are two more intersession periods scheduled for the 2013-14 school year. If you have ideas for improvement or other offerings, let your school know.


Can my child attend an intersession program at another school?

No. Because programs are paid for with school funds, they can only serve their own students.


Can exceptional education students take part?

Intersession is for everyone. Programs are open to all students. While some programs are open only for specific grade levels, there are still open to all eligible students.


Is intersession required?

No – for most schools. A few schools are requiring attendance at intersession (like Bailey and John Early Middle Schools), but most are not. If you have questions about whether or not you should attend (and why wouldn’t you want to??), talk to your teacher or principal.


What is the best part of intersession?

Okay, so I made this one up myself. No big deal.

The best part about intersession is that there are programs to fit every student. Need extra help in math? You can get it. Want to learn more about the arts? Fine! Want to go on field trips every day? You bet.

There is a lot of variety in what’s offered, but they all accomplish the same thing: enhancing instruction. Every single program is focused on academics and improving the academic experience for each student.

McGavock High School is my personal favorite example of this. McGavock is offering 20 programs (20!) targeted to specific groups: credit recovery for  those who need to catch up, job and college tours for Academy students and tutoring/exam prep for students who want to get ahead.

The only thing left to add are students. Sign up for an intersession program right now before it’s too late.

The deadline is this Friday. Visit our website for a full list of programs.