10 reasons to subscribe to Children First

This is only a picture, but it's really easy to follow us. Just scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. 1. Good news about your students, your teachers and your schools

Where else will you read about science fair winners, preschool chemistry experiments, National Merit Scholar Finalists and teachers earning national distinctions? We give you what you want: the good news and feel-good stories happening in our schools every day.

2. Getting email makes you feel good.

It’s true! If you hate the disappointment of an empty inbox, Children First will keep you happy. Sign up now and receive an email every time we post a new story. (Don’t worry – we usually only post a couple of stories a day.)

3. Important news and announcements from the district

Want to see the official schedule for graduation? The latest plans to expand IB? Or learn about the man in charge of school security? It’s all here.

4. It’s easy. (No really, it’s super easy. You don’t even need to remember a new password.)

Just go to the bottom of this page, enter your email address and you’re finished. Viola. Children First in your inbox.

5. We post really cool pictures of schools

You know it and I know it: we have some good looking schools and they host some really cool events. We post pictures of them right here, like the time Lakeview Elementary cut the ribbon on its new playground or the time we put Dr. Seuss hats on hundreds of students or those teachers who dressed up as the seven dwarves. You know you like fun pictures.

6. Help in the college search

We have the experts and they are giving out advice right and left. We have tips from college admissions officers, scholarship opportunities and more. If you’re looking for college advice, this is a good place to come.

7. We break down the education jargon to help you know better what’s happening in your schools

Educators are wonderful, wonderful people. But sometimes education jargon can be a little overwhelming. We understand (and sympathize). Here on Children First you will find articles that talk about important issues in education and instruciton that don’t require a Master’s degree. Check out our articles on Common Core to see what we’re talking about.

8. We won’t give your email address to anyone else.

Honest. It stays right here.

9. The North Sports Report

Mark North is passionate about a lot of things, and scholastic sports is one of them. His regular column on Metro athletics and student athletes is one of the absolute MUST READS on Children First. You do not want to miss the North Sports Report.

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