Tennessee's #1 geography teacher is at MLK Magnet School

Kyle Alexander with his award His students and fellow teachers probably suspected it, but here’s confirmation: MLK’s Kyle Alexander is one of the best geography teachers in the state.

Kyle won the honor of “Geography Teacher of the Year” last week by the Tennessee Council for the Social Studies. The Council gave him the honor for making his classroom an “interactive, fun, exciting and challenging place to be.”

From the Council:

Mr. Alexander’s seventh grade world geography class is designed to introduce students to the study of geography by presenting the tools, themes, and concepts that underlie how geographers study the world.  Students gain a greater awareness of both the physical and human geography of other regions, as well as their own, and examine regional issues on a global stage in an effort to demonstrate the interdependency among not only regions and specific countries but also people and cultures around the world.

Mr. Alexander’s classroom is an active, interactive, fun, exciting and challenging place to be.  Students are given the opportunity to engage on a regular basis in well thought out, well researched, expertly implemented, and true to life geography lessons in a supportive environment.  His lessons include:

  • Hands-on, interactive mapping labs that require varying levels of critical thinking,
  • Real-life geography related simulations, and
  • The relevant use of technology that is much more than superficial bells and whistles, but that is integral to the topic and teaching strategy.

Way to go, Mr. Alexander! If you see him in the hallway, give him a high five.