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You signed up for intersession... now what?

If I can sum up this entire post in a single word, it’s this one: ATTEND. We had an awesome response to intersession this semester. Preliminary numbers show 300 programs set to serve nearly 12,000 students each day. These are students who want to keep on learning outside the classroom when they could be out of school for the whole week. It’s just so fantastic to see that much interest in programs that enrich and support instruction.

So now that all of these kids have signed up, they (and you, their parents) have one very important job to do: attend. If you signed up for an intersession program, make sure you show up – on time and ready to learn.

Schools have made plans. They have prepared. They not only based these plans on the number of students who signed up, but in many cases they have based these plans on which specific students signed up.

Some of the instruction planned for these days is very targeted and designed for individual students. So if your child signed up, there’s a good chance the teachers have planned lessons just for her.

Need more? Schools have planned and budgeted for teachers, staff and, in some cases, food and transportation based on the number of students who registered.

Still on the fence? Many of the programs filled up fast, meaning there are students who want to attend, but can’t. If you don’t show up for the programs you signed on for, you might be leaving an open seat that could have gone to someone else.

For students to get the most out of intersession, they need to be there. I know it’s almost spring break. I know it’s early in the morning on a day you could have taken off. But if you made a commitment to be at your intersession program, you need to be there.

We are so thrilled to see how well our families have embraced intersession. It is going to be a great week of fun activities, instruction, tutoring, college prep, testing help and more. Don’t miss it.