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Parents: We want your vision and your leadership

It’s election season. No, we’re not confused. It’s time to elect new leadership for the Director’s Parent Advisory Council.

If you’re unfamiliar with PAC, here it is in a nutshell: two representatives from each school meet as clusters and as a full body to talk about issues important to parents. As a PAC rep, you can bring questions and concerns from other parents at your school for discussion with each other and the district. At full body meetings you have the opportunity to hear updates from district officials on what’s happening, what’s new and what’s changing. You can then take those updates back to your school’s parents.

PAC Leadership includes a Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. PAC Leaders are expected to attend PAC meetings, help set the PAC agenda and speak/work with district leaders on issues important to parents.

Translation: This is your opportunity to boost your voice within the district.

We’re taking nominees for PAC Leadership right now. To be eligible, you must be a PAC representative and meet other requirements. The deadline for nominations is April 1. Nomination forms are available online.

We’re looking for good parent leaders, so step up to the plate and take it on!

If you’re interested in becoming a PAC rep for your school, speak with your principal. If your school doesn’t already have two PAC reps, you could step in.

The next full PAC meeting is April 11.