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Stratford students building our robot future

The Stratford Spartabots work on their robot. I, for one, welcome our new Frisbee throwing robot overlords. Especially if they can hit a target from 27 feet away.

Well, okay, they don't want to take over the earth. But they are hoping to take over a robotics competition in Knoxville.

The Stratford STEM Magnet High School Spartabots travel east next week to compete in the FIRST Robotics regional contest. It's a vigorous, intellectual sport valuing brain power. It uses the engineering design process in collaborative teams to design and construct a remotely operated Frisbee throwing robot.

The challenge is called Ultimate Ascent. Teams compete with their constructed robots in remotely controlling the launching of Frisbees into specified and strategic goals to gain the most points and win the competition.

The team has been hard at work on the final stages this week during intersession. Elsewhere at Stratford, students have been making use of the A+ lab to make up credits, improving their reading and language comprehension, and taking advantage of end-of-course test prep.

The Top Floor program has been tutoring for ACT, combining Maplewood and Stratford students.  They've had tutoring in the morning followed by field trips to local colleges and universities. This program actually runs for two weeks, and students who attend all sessions get paid!

Intersession is definitely working at Stratford!