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We believe in the power of PreK: Registration April 1-5

Little girl doing an experimentHere in Metro Schools we’re strong believers in the power of prekindergarten. PreK gives students strong foundations. It sets them up to be life-long learners. It prepares them for kindergarten not only with traditional lessons and education, but also by acclimating them to the classroom environment and hierarchy. It also gets them used to spending the day away from home (and mommy).

For district like ours – where students come from diverse socio-economic backgrounds – preK plays a huge part in setting them up for success. It helps level the playing field between students who come from different home environments.

Registration for prekindergarten runs all next week (April 1-5), and we expect a lot of applications. We typically receive around 4,000 applications for just 2,500 seats. We offer preK at 59 sites spread across the city, but we’d love to add even more. We definitely have more need than we have the ability to fund.

PreK programs are paid for with local funds, state funds and federal funds, with each source funding a different kind of preK program with its own special requirements. With President Obama’s recent push for more prekindergarten funding at the Federal level, it’s definitely an issue that’s back on the nation’s front burner. As a district, we hope to see it taken up for serious consideration in Tennessee.

The benefits are evident and agreed upon by the nation’s leading education experts.

In the mean time, register your four year old for prekindergarten. Our seats will fill up, but you can’t get in if you don’t register.

PreK Registration

April 1-5

More details are on our website.