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The Final Stretch: Here's what to expect for the rest of the school year

This is it. Just forty days left in the school year. You can do it. You can make it to May 24. It’s only 40 school days away. But there is still plenty of work left to be done.

Assessments and exams are still to come, and so is the work to approve a budget for next school year. Oh, and a little thing called graduation is right around the corner.

Get out your planners and family calendars. Here are the major pieces of the school year still on the horizon.


  • 11th graders take the ACT on April 2 (aka TOMORROW). It’s a real ACT with real effects on your future. Be there! Be on time (or early)! And be ready!
  • TCAP tests for grades 3-8 start April 23. These are the state’s big indicator of how we’re doing and how much our students have learned.
  • End of Course exams for high school courses start April 29. These are like TCAP tests for high schoolers. They tell us all where things stand (and count for 25% of second semester grades).
  • Kindergarten through first grade students take the Stanford Achievement test (or SAT10) starting April 30. Why do we give assessments to kids at such a young age? If we need to track their progress from year to year, it helps to have a starting point. This isn’t used for grades or anything else with the pressure to perform. It’s just a way to tell where a child stands and how we need to plan for the future of his or her education.
  • Final exams for high schoolers start May 21.

Complete assessment information and preparation tips are available on


The 2013-14 Operating Budget has been drafted and is scheduled for a vote from the Board of Education next week. Here’s a timeline for how it will move forward.

  • April 2 – Public Hearing
  • April 9 – Vote from the Board of Education
  • April 12 – District officials present the budget to Mayor Karl Dean

There will also be a budget hearing with the Metro Council, after which it will be considered as part of the overall Metro city budget.


Don’t cry! Your babies are going on to better things in life.

Pomp and Circumstance will be heard all over Nashville as graduation season gets underway. We have a complete schedule of all ceremonies available right here.

 Other Business & Cool Events

You can always find all of the year’s big events on our district and event calendars.

It’s been a wonderful and productive year so far. Let’s see it through to the very end!