MLK student finishes 2nd in Tennessee Geography Bee

National Geographic BeeMajor congratulations are due to Kevin Gomez from Martin Luther King, Jr. Magnet School. He scored 2nd place in the statewide geography bee. Kevin just narrowing missed first place and a chance to go to the national competition. But we're still awfully proud of him, as are his teachers and classmates.

Just for fun, here are a few of the final round questions. How would you have done?

  • Q: Mozambique provides a link for the landlocked countries of southern Africa to the Indian Ocean, mainly through what major port city that also serves as its capital? A: Maputo
  • Q: Which present-day country on the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea was the southernmost point of the Ottoman Empire at its greatest extent? A:Yemen
  • Q: The Churchill River flows across Saskatchewan and Manitoba into what large bay? A: Hudson Bay
  • Q: In 2012, Joshua Howard researched the effects of mountaintop-removal coal mining in the Cumberland Plateau in a state that borders West Virginia and Illinois. A: Kentucky
  • Q: Gold is mined near the city of Ciudad BolÍvar, an inland port located on which South American river? A: Orinoco River
  • Q: Hydropower accounts for over 90 percent of the electricity produced by a country that borders Greece and Montenegro. Name this country. A: Albania