Local authors teach middle schoolers for Writer's Day

Today was a good day to write, especially at John Early Museum Magnet School. Nine writers of different genres (memoirs, online publications, poets, and more) worked with 8th grade students during their on activities designed to encourage student interest in writing. Nationally known writers like John Egerton (Speak Now Against the Day) and Alice Randall (The Wind Done Gone), worked with small groups of students on their areas of interest.

The idea came from a partnership with Mr. Egerton as a means to promote the importance, interest

and possible careers in writing to middle school students. John Early staff and students extend a huge thank you to all of the authors including:

  • Alice Randall, a novelist, teacher and sometime country songwriter.
  • Roy Burkhead, a technical writer by day and the publisher of an online literary magazine in his spare time.
  • Steve Womack, a veteran mystery writer and teacher.
  • Paul Clements, a full-time, self-employed local historian and author.
  • David Ewing, a lawyer, public servant, and specialist in local history.
  • Chuck Beard and his wife, Emily, are the owner-operators of East Side Story, a bookshop in East Nashville.
  • Amanda Little, an environmental writer and teacher.
  • Bill Brown, a widely-published poet, has taught writing in high school and college.
  • John Egerton, a journalist and author.