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Meet the Autism Team

Autism Awareness Month Did you know Metro Schools has a specialized team of professionals to assist the teachers and staff of students with Autism to enhance their educational experience?

Meet the Autism Team.

They have been around for almost 10 years, and have evolved into one of the southeast’s top professional teams. Currently on the team are:

  • Ada Winford - Lead Teacher
  • Lynnette Hofmeister - Senior Behavior Analyst
  • Adrienne Flannery-Reilly - Behavior Analyst
  • Becky Brewster-Sain - Teacher consultant
  • Angela Vaughan - Teacher Consultant
  • Gladys Henry - Speech Language Pathologist

They all under the supervision of Denise Rollins, director of  behavior for exceptional education.

The Autism Team focuses on building knowledge and capacity of the professionals working directly with students on the Autism Spectrum by training them in the most current research based methodologies. We provide district wide trainings, on-site trainings, individual trainings, classroom makeovers and materials relevant to specific students. We assist in the development of IEP’s and FBA/BIP’s and work directly with individual teachers through the Interdisciplinary Consult Request process.

We train teachers, parapros, administrators, related arts teachers - any personnel working with a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder is welcome. During the summer, we offer an intensive four day training for teams from various schools, affectionately referred to as “Boot Camp.” We also have a full web page filled with invaluable resources for all MNPS employees.

We constantly strive to give students with Autism the best education available. We recognize April as Autism Awareness Month and, as part of that, are having an event for parents of students in MNPS and professionals of MNPS on April 18th at Martin Development Center from 8:00am to 11:00am.

But our goal is to bring awareness to Autism all year long through our various trainings and events. We believe every child deserves the best education possible, including children on the Autism Spectrum, and at MNPS, we believe our Exceptional Education programs are child-centered and focused on positive outcomes. We believe we are building a better future for each child by building a better today. We believe we are all reaching for the same goal, to better the lives of the children we serve — we’re all on the same team.

The MNPS Autism Team has a goal of continuing to provide the best possible trainings and bringing the most current information to the educators on the front lines of serving our children — we are in a constant state of learning. As Kid President says, “we want to be on the path that leads to awesome.”