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Rumor Control: Neighborhood impact of a new elementary school in Antioch

In planning to build a new elementary school to relieve overcrowding in Antioch, we reached out to the community for their concerns and questions. At a community meeting on April 11, several neighbors showed concern that a new school would have a negative impact on the community. We couldn't disagree more.


Metro Parks wants to buy the property for a new public park, but can’t because we want to build a school.


This is not true.

While Metro Parks officials expressed interest in the property years ago, they currently have no plans to pursue it.


We want to immediately build two schools – one elementary and one middle.


Our immediate plans call for a new elementary school. The Antioch area badly needs a new middle school, as well, but that is not in our immediate plans.

We do plan to work with Metro Public Works to address neighborhood infrastructure needs in anticipation of a new middle school in the future.

The property is well suited for both an elementary and a middle school. We prefer to buy property that can serve both tiers, as we have done for A.Z. Kelley Elementary / Thurgood Marshall Middle and Shayne Elementary / Oliver Middle.


New schools would reduce property values.


New schools on Smith Springs Road would add public green space, community meeting space, ball fields and playgrounds to the neighborhood. They would also bring high-quality education to the neighborhood in brand new facilities.

Neighborhood schools add value to their communities.

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You can help relieve overcrowding in Antioch schools!

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